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Tatu Couture British Luxury Lingerie

The Brand

Tatu couture is a luxury lingerie brand that creates innovative works of art for the body. Its design philosophy is centred on creating fashion-led lingerie with an erotic-luxe aesthetic.

Tatu Couture is defined by its innovative products staying true to its signature style, fusing innovative design, quality fabrics and British craftsmanship. Each garment is hand crafted in their British atelier using only the finest materials with attention to detail that elevates it to Haute Couture status.

Tatu Couture blurs the line between what is traditionally considered ‘underwear’ with highly versatile pieces which can be styled as outerwear. It pushes the boundaries of conventionality while staying in touch with the brands philosophy: a perfect blend of erotic appeal & sophistication.  Tatu couture is for those that appreciate the ultimate in quality and style.

The Founder

Tatu Couture was founded in 2012 by Luisa Sidoli. Having graduated from the world-renowned Contour Design Course at de Montfort University in England with a First Class Honors degree, Luisa established a successful career designing for many leading high street lingerie brands. Her expert technical knowledge combined with her creative vision for fashion forward intimates lead the way to establish her own brand. The concept was driven by a personal desire to create artful seduction with a couture mindset.  Her vision was to steer away from mass produced lingerie and create a brand that would stand out through unique design, exquisite craftsmanship & luxurious fabrics.  

As creative director Luisa oversees the entire business and designs every garment, working closely with a small skilled team to ensure the lingerie perfectly reflects her vision.

Handmade in Britain