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Made in Britain

When it comes to manufacturing our luxurious designs, we are extremely proud that every Tatu Couture piece is 100% British Made as it was from the beginning. With our focus on impeccable craftsmanship, much of our production process is done by hand by specialist seamstresses who share their skills and expertise.  From prototype design to hand-stitching of the finished garment, it all takes place under one roof in our British Atelier.

The experience and the knowledge of the skilled seamstresses we work with adds to the beauty of our brand. Being able to work closely with them allows us to be more experimental in our approach to design and manufacture more sustainably. We are lucky that as a small brand we can control what we make, how we make it, and keep a watchful eye on the rigorous process from start to finish. Many of our garments are individually hand cut and sewn in their entirety by one individual seamstress, finding new ways and techniques to bring about uncompromised quality.

Quality is incredibly important to us as is supporting local British manufacturing. Having witnessed the decline of the British lingerie manufacturing in the late 90s and early 2000s, as cheaper alternatives were sourced overseas, creating a brand that steered away from mass-produced ‘fast fashion’ pieces in favour of a more ethical production cycle became our key focus.

With our production made in the UK, we choose to stay close to home when choosing our beautiful fabrics too, carefully sourcing these across Britain and Europe.

British Lingerie by Tatu Couture