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Quality & Craftsmanship

Craftmanship and design remains an unparalleled investment in every single one of our garments. We look at each new design as ‘artwork for the body’ to make sure it works from every angle to create garments of the highest quality and fit. Our Brand is defined by the unique fabrics we work with and shape our garments to play a key part in their look and value. Each piece is not a mass market item but an individually crafted piece using long-lasting fabrications. These are carefully sourced from certified suppliers across Britain and Europe to reduce our carbon footprint.

 Luxury Craftsmanship and Sustainability by Tatu Couture


At Tatu Couture we are committed to innovate through our original designs, creating long-lasting trends that are trans-seasonal. Our collections are delicately crafted with style and substance in mind and produced in limited quantities. In support of slow fashion and artisanship they are designed to be seasonless, an investment piece made to stand the test of time. Each piece is made to be something to love and last – rather than throw away after one season.  Our mission is to encourage a new behaviour towards a post-consumerism society and choose quality over quantity.

Sustainability Tatu Couture

With all our production made in-house in our UK Atelier we know exactly how and where every piece is made. We place a lot of value in high-quality design and craftsmanship, without compromising the environment. Our sustainable production process manufactures to meet demand and eliminates the need for over production and waste. Our garments are hand cut & made in small batches, with the ability to engineer cutting for minimal waste. We make use of the leftover fabric by using the offcuts for smaller pattern pieces. Each decision we make carries the aim to create stunningly beautiful pieces made responsibly with uncompromised quality.